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  1. Are you right or left handed?

    I handle everything in the right manner. I suppose I don’t leave anything, so there is nothing left behind. So there’s nothing left and I suppose I’m right.

  2. Gurudev, you give comfort to so many in distress and fear. What were the biggest moments of stress and anxiety that you have been through in your life?

    I can't relate to anxiety but there have been many points of stress. We were involved during the tsunami time and we travelled 48 hours continuously. Those days were very stressful. Also, when I was travelling in Iraq there were bombs in the front a ...

  3. Gurudev, what kind of questions from people make you uncomfortable? 

    So far I don’t even remember anybody asking me any uncomfortable question. I don’t feel uncomfortable with anybody whatsoever. Not until now. I don’t know about the future.

  4. What is the secret of your energy?

    That is what I am sharing with everybody!! Your connection with the Self, your connection with the source of energy. You are always connected with it, and that’s it.

  5. Gurudev, are you an Avataar of Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna? I have been asking myself this question for a long time, so please remove my confusion.

    Have you read the Bhagavad Gita? I would say that first you read the Gita. It is not enough to read it once. You must read it again and again. Lord Krishna says, 'Wherever you see any divinity, that is a part of Me and Me alone'. He says that

  6. Why bother with helping others when you can choose infinite bliss?

    If you have found bliss, you can’t but share it with everybody, and what is the point of finding it and not sharing it? What is the point of going to the bank and getting lots of money and not spending it? What is the point of earning money and no ...

  7. Dear Gurudev, what makes you so special?

    I don’t think I am special, not at all. I may be a little crazy but not special. If you are not crazy, you would not keep going round and round the world for nothing (laughter).

  8. Gurudev, do you get dreams?

    I have a dream for the country. I want to see a corruption-free, violence-free, stress-free and happy society. ...
  9. Gurudev, I’m a follower of your twitter account, do you write your tweets on your own?

    Yes, just this morning I've tweeted three times. I do my own tweets. A couple of times I ask my secretary or someone else to do it, but 95% of the time I tweet on my own.
    Are you all on my twitter account? How many of you are not on my twitter account ...
  10. Gurudev, I wonder whether you know me and everything that I do?

    What do you think?
    Why should I know everything you do? I don't need to. ...
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