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  1. Many great saints, for example Jesus, have died violent deaths. Why is it so?

    Lord Krishna has said this in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Kleśo 'dhikataras teshām avyaktāsakta-cetasām avyaktā hi gatir dukham dehavadbhir avāpyate’ (Chapter 12 Verse 5)
    If one worships only the un-manifest aspe ...
  2. Was Prophet Muhammad a Nirguna Upasaka (follower of the formless)? If yes, then why was Vigraha Aradhana (idol worship) introduced?

    Everybody should progress from Saguna Upasana to Nirguna Upasana, i.e., the worship of the Divine as a form to the worship of the Divine as formless.
    The Kaaba stone is also worshipped, isn’t it? That is just like Saguna ...
  3. Lord Krishna has many forms, gentle, beautiful, infinite, compassionate, but why do we always worship him as Man Mohana (the most attractive one).

    No, if you go to Gujarat he is worshiped as Ranchodrai. Some worship him as Bala Krishna Ranchodrai (as a child). So, in whichever form you like you can worship him.
    Lord Krishna says that in whichev ...
  4. Gurudev, when Mahmud of Ghazni attacked the Somnath temple in Gujarat, then the Pundit of the temple told everyone that Lord Shiva will help us and there is no need to fight. All the soldiers surrendered their weapons but even then they were defeated. So who is the ultimate God?

    See, that was a wrong thing they did. Shiva is there but he tells everyone to do their dharma, to fight against injustice. Otherwise why should Shiva have a trishul in his own hand? You have seen, all the Gods and Goddesses have shastras (wea ...
  5. Dear Guruji, in the Gita it says, ‘Avyaktahi Gatir Dukham’, when we worship the un-manifest it leads to misery. Is it necessary to have a form for worship or can we meditate without a form?

    Meditation happens without a form, but before getting into meditation a form would be essential. It could be any form.
    That is why Lord Krishna says, you need to have a guide, a teacher, a Guru.
    Jesus also has said the same thing; if you want to go ...
  6. Worship A Sign Of Maturity

    For a flame to go up, you need space above. In the same way, for a man to rise up in his life, he needs an ideal, he needs something to adore and worship. Worship is the culmination of love and appreciation. Worship prevents love from turning into hatred ...
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