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  1. Is it okay to mix different yoga techniques? Or should we find one way.

    No, don’t mix them, it becomes a hotch-potch. You have on your platter, such a wonderful program. All based on a single line of thought, a philosophy which is ancient yet profound, and still modern. So just follow one way. That’s the best.

    I’m saying t ...

  2. Why am I here? Why did I do this course? Am I normal?

    There are many standards of normality. From a lower standard, you may not be normal. From a higher standard you are normal. If from an even higher standard again, if you are not normal, then you need to be going up much more. So what do you mean by normal? ...
  3. Is this the right place for me? There is no way back to normal life. Even my husband who loves me couldn’t accept my activities in The Art of Living. He’s afraid that I’m going mad!

    Balance things. Don’t scare anybody. You need to balance life. Make people understand.
    This (The Art of Living) is not abnormal, this is a normal life; to be happy, to be centered and to spread the message of joy and happiness. We need to improv ...
  4. What is the purpose of Siddhis (paranormal powers)?

    Okay, when you want something, before the want arises if it is available to you, that is called siddhi.
    Suppose you want to get married and you don’t get anybody till you become 70, what do you do? That means there is no siddhi. Suppose, ...
  5. What did your parents think when you took up spirituality at such a young age?

    Oh! You want to hear about it? When I first came home, I had a beard. You should ask me why I grew a beard? I was in Delhi, at Beach Arbhatta, opposite to Kamal Theatre, teaching meditation there.
    People would come, because they had heard that Gurudev ...
  6. Gurudev it is said that on the spiritual path celibacy is an important component for progress. How to bring about celibacy in the mind? Is celibacy something physical or more in the mind?

    It is both.Celibacy happens, you cannot force it on yourself. See, if you have an exam and you are studying for the exam, on those days, all students inevitably say, ‘We have no thoughts of sex, we are so busy with our exams.’
    Similarly, you have a v ...
  7. Gurudev, being on the spiritual path, sometimes makes me inefficient at my work place. How do I balance the two?

    Then drop the spiritual path; be efficient in your working place. Why do you want to do something that would make you inefficient? The spiritual path is meant to make you more efficient. If it is making you inefficient, just wash your hands off. Say ‘Bye ...
  8. Gurudev, in the Upanishads, we usually find references of Samit Pani (ritual of offering dry sticks to the Master). Gurudev, could you please tell us, what is the significance of this?

    Samit is the stick which is ready to catch fire.
    Here, it is a symbol of being ready, so that when the knowledge is given, you just grab it.

    Samit Pani has many meanings. One is, ‘Be Attentive’; se ...

  9. My dear Gurudev, is failure in worldly life important to get back the focus on the spiritual path?

    No. You do not need to fail in order to get the focus.
    Do not put such a sankalpa (impression or resolve) in your mind. It is not a necessary thing. ...
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