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  1. NRIs pitch in for a better india, OVBI to hold event in Washington

    Dec 17 2013
    Now, non resident Indians want to vote for a better India. US based Overseas Volunteers for a Better India (OVBI) today announced that it will hold 'Big Ideas for a Better India' event on December 22 in Washington, D.C. This event will bring together a pan ...
  2. Social intervention at HWT bus park

    Nov 11 2013
    "If you drop out of school, you are six times more likely to become a gang member, and if you become a gang member you are ten times more likely to end up in prison or dead, and we don't want that for you, we want discipline and order," National Security M ...
  3. Business and society

    Nov 11 2013
    Economy is the most vital aspect of any society. Not only do businesses provide livelihood to many, they are also an expression of creativity in solving real world issues. A business idea becomes successful and profitable when it serves a genuine need in s ...
  4. Arise and Awaken, Media

    Feb 10 2013
    In the Summer of 2010, while coordinating a meditation based empowerment seminar at an African American school in Houston, Texas, I had a key moment of truth when a 6th grader shared with us that "He has been looking for this peace ALL his life and that th ...
  5. Genetic Evidence of Yoga’s Impact on the Immune System

    Oct 23 2013
    Norwegian researchers find a strong and immediate genetic response to yoga practice. If we're finished obsessing about yoga jeans, perhaps it's time to think about yoga and genes. Newly published research from Norway suggests that a comprehensive yoga prog ...
  6. Ayurveda makes transatlantic entry into Las Vegas

    Oct 2 2013
    The recently held, ‘Second International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia’ in Las Vegas had a unique and unlikely contributor in the form of Bangalore-based Dr Ramesh Bhat. A department head at Bangalore, India’s Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science a ...
  7. Manipur central jail introduces several reforms for inmates

    Sep 20 2013
    The Central Jail at Sajiwa in Manipur has become the first in the northeast to start a reform centre for its inmates. The Central Jail, situated at Sajiwa in East Imphal, houses over 640 inmates in seven different sectors. It has become be northeast’s fir ...
  8. Engineer who brought education to tribal areas

    Sep 6 2013
    Brij Chawla, originally from Islamabad, came to India during Partition. The child, now a 74-year-old man, had then pledged to be part of the country's progress in a bid to establish his own identity. In 1993, Chawla visited Badhua village in Ghatshila, th ...
  9. Art of Living to organize Jnanappana 2013 on Independence Day

    Aug 13 2013
    The Art of Living (AOL) is organizing Jnanappana - 2013, a mega cultural event n the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the AOL International Centre at Udayapura on Kanakapura Road in Bangalore on August 15. Over 1,00,000 enthusiastic performers will chan ...
  10. Dubai inmates get a new lease on life after drugs

    Jan 5 2013
    Dubai: They are behind bars for substance abuse, at least for now. But these Emiratis said they have finally been freed from drug addiction, which has mercilessly imprisoned them for most of their lives. A.B., a 46-year-old Emirati, used to live a full lif ...
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