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  1. Interview With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    May 16 2015
    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is an internationally known spiritual teacher whose Art of Living programs and humanitarian efforts have affected millions of lives. I had the opportunity to interview him during his recent visit to Los Angeles. Here are excerpts from ...
  2. Art of Living steps up relief efforts in quake-hit Nepal

    Apr 29 2015
    New Delhi: In an effort to reach out and provide solace to the quake- hit country, The Art of living has stepped up its relief efforts in Nepal and has mobilized its volunteer base across the globe  to provide relief and rehabilitation.  Volunteers across ...
  3. Indian groups scramble to assist quake-hit Nepal

    Apr 29 2015
    New Delhi: Parallel to the Indian government's massive relief efforts, several religious and spiritual groups in the country are extending a helping hand to earthquake victims in Nepal. The groups, as diverse as the Arya Samaj, the Art of Living and the Ha ...
  4. HAL joins hands with IAHV to rejuvenate Kumudavathi river

    Apr 27 2015
    Bengaluru: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited today said it has joined hands with International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a sister organisation of the Art of Living, to rejuvenate Kumudavathi river. Kumudavathi, a tributary of river Arkavathi origina ...
  5. HAL to rejuvenate Kumudavathi river

    Apr 27 2015
    Bengaluru: HAL has joined hands with the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a sister organisation of the Art of Living, to rejuvenate Kumudavathi river, a tributary of river Arkavathi that originates from Shivaganga hills in Neelamangala Ta ...
  6. 20 women, 1 Catholic undergo age-old ‘thread ceremony’

    Apr 29 2015
    Margao: In a path-breaking departure from age-old custom, the 'upanayan sanskara', or thread ceremony, was performed on 20 women in an event conducted by the Art of Living (AOL) at Margao recently. Of the 30 people in all who were initiated into the Gayatr ...
  7. Sri Sri Focuses on Yoga at EU Parl

    Apr 23 2015
    BRUSSELS:  ‘Art of Living’ founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s widely anticipated visit to the European Parliament here for an event on Yoga  brought an air of freshness and new energy to the world’s largest legislating body. The event titled ‘The Yoga Way?’ wa ...
  8. Earth Day special: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s thoughts

    Apr 22 2015
    What does His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar think about life and earth? Here’s what he has to say: Life can only come out of life and only life can sustain life. Our environment is our first body, followed by the physical body and the mind, the mental s ...
  9. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Yoga Session at European Parliament "Inspires Leaders"

    Apr 22 2015
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call at the UN for an International Day of Yoga reverberated in the European Parliament, the world's largest legislative body, with internationally known guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar leading a major yoga event. The event ...
  10. 6 Easy Yoga Poses That'll Solve Your Digestion Troubles

    Apr 20 2015
    For those chained to their desks for nine hours every day, diet is a major problem. Indigestion, leading to an uncomfortable bloated feeling, and acid reflux are pretty common and unfortunate side effects of eating at the desk and at all hours of the day. ...
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