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  1. Grow and restore: Permaculture beyond the garden

    Jun 5 2014
    Published on 5th June, 2014 Venkatesh Dharmaraj is a Bangalore-based advocate and tax consultant who shut his flourishing tax consultancy and took off on a two- year sabbatical to follow his heart – by contributing to the environment through permaculture ( ...
  2. Cyclothon Held to Spread Anti-tobacco Awareness in Bengaluru

    Jun 2 2014
    June 2nd, 2014 The Vyakti Vikas Kendra Living Well Program Division, in partnership with BBMP and Anti-Tobacco Cell organised a two day event on the 31st of May and the 1st of June, to raise awareness on the health risks associated with tobacco use. Five e ...
  3. Modi has been bashed unjustly for years and years: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    May 30 2014
    As a new government begins functioning at the Centre, Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoke with Narayani Ganesh on the swearing-in ceremony, managing political complexities — and steps towards good governance: How did being at the swearing-in o ...
  4. The Silence of Buddha

    May 19 2014
    When Buddha got enlightened on that full moon day in the month of May, it is said that he maintained silence for the whole week. He did not say a word. Mythology says that all the angels in the heaven were frightened. They knew that it was only once in a m ...
  5. Be ever new, happy you!

    May 14 2014
    In this era of science and technology, we can be creative and productive, and at the same time not lose the humanness that we are all born with. Just material things or comfort alone do not make you comfortable. You need to get a broad understanding about ...
  6. 6 yoga asanas to relieve joint pain

    May 14 2014
    If you are one of those people who suffer from constantly aching joints and fatigue while doing the most mundane tasks or need to pop pain killers to do away with the pain, then you probably need a more holistic approach like yoga to help you. Here’s what ...
  7. Are You Happy?

    May 14 2014
    Every living creature wants to be happy. Whether it is money, power or sex, you seek it for the sake of happiness. Some people even seem to enjoy misery because it gives them happiness! To be happy, you seek something. But despite getting it, you are not h ...
  8. He has mastered the art of ‘human engineering’

    May 12 2014
    Swami Pragyapad, a teacher with Art of Living, says he helps people repair the mind and body to take on challenges of the world Archana PhullShimla “Spirituality is scientific. I have not given up engineering. For me, it is just a shift from chemical to hu ...
  9. Deputy Premier highlights DCCC

    May 8 2014
    Manama: May 6 – (BNA): Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa received the founder of the Art of Living International Centre, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who attends the Dialogue between Civilizations and Cultures Conference "DCCC" hosted by ...
  10. Vedanta – The Science of Self Discovery

    Apr 28 2014
    At the heart of Hinduism is a spiritual and philosophical framework known as Vedanta. To understand the distinction between the two, it’s important to understand the origin of the word Hindu. When the first explorers from Persia traveled to India (then kno ...
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