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  1. Gurudev, you said that 2012 was going to be the year of 'Nanda' (bliss). How come it was such a hard year?

    The year of Nanda is not yet over, it will be over end of March.There are still three months more.
    You know, it is good when things churn inside you, then you wake up.
    It is not that it happens only in the outside world, but even in the sp ...
  2. Gurudev, how to know the things that are unknown to us? There are so many things that are unknown. I am sometimes very pained and I start crying for not knowing the unknown.

    I understand your difficulty.
    The intense quest is there of wanting to know something, but what is that something, that you don’t know. You know there is something but you don’t know how to know that something that exists. Isn't t ...
  3. Dear Gurudev, what should a seeker aim for? Or should a seeker just be, and let nature takes it course?

    Yes that is it, just be! You are in the right place, just be and see how things go on. ...
  4. Dear Gurudev, what is the difference between self-inquiry and judging yourself? You sometimes tell us to stop judging, can you please elaborate?

    You should take the middle path.
    There are some who justify their actions all the time, and some who finds fault with themselves all the time. Both will create a sort of imbalance.
    You should take a middle path, where you can look into your actio ...
  5. I have been doing meditation since a long time. During a recent meditation, you appeared and gave me a prasad. My eyes were closed, but you were seeing everything. My question is, was it you, or was it God in your form?

    A sadhak (seeker) has many experiences in his life. There is no need to probe into it. Just move on.
    Yesterday's experience was yesterday’s; today's experience is for today, and tomorrow you will have a new experience.
    Whether it was a ple ...
  6. My dear Gurudev, whenever I look into my heart I find you there. You have hooked me, booked me and cooked me. Please tell me what dish you are trying to make out of me.

    Listen! You are wonderful, you are so complete and that is how you could feel that intense emotion.
    One who does not have the bhaav (intense feeling) cannot even enjoy the bliss, and cannot enjoy peace. If someone is stuck in the intellect, the ...
  7. Dear Gurudev, kindly explain the meaning of Asangoham (a phrase often chanted by Gurudev in the advanced course).

    I am not this – that is what Asangoham means. For example, I am wearing the cloth, but I am not the cloth.
    The body is mine but I am not the body. I am not the thoughts, I am not the mind. Like this you go on to negate one by one all the layers ...
  8. Gurudev, I understand the importance of seva, but at the moment, nothing but knowing myself is important. And seva feels like a distraction to me. What to do?

    Does a baby want to know the mother? Does a baby want to make the mother an object of knowing? Does any baby ever ask the mother, ‘Mommy, where did you study? First tell me. Give me your introduction; show me your bio-data. Then I will love you.’
    A ba ...
  9. How do I bang on the door with such a force? I have been out and in and without a raincoat and shivering. Is TTC the next natural step?

    Yes, do it. You know Pre-TTC is good; it brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Everybody should first do Pre-TTC. Whether you want to do Teachers Training or not, is the next step. But these two weekends of Pre-TTC is good, you learn a lot. Your potential ...
  10. Gurudev, I have everything but still I feel such emptiness in my life. Please guide, what should I be doing?

    That is good, it is the first step. First you empty everything and then you become full. Satsang and knowledge is the best filler to the emptiness. ...
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