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  1. Do You Have To Be Thankful And Feel Obliged?

    When you are on a spiritual path, you are not thankful or obliged to anybody. In the Gita, Krishna says, "He is dear to Me who neither goes on thanking people nor hates anyone (Na abhinandati na dveshthi)." Thanking and feeling obliged indicates ...
  2. Thank Superficially

    Sri Sri: Which is better, to thank deeply or superficially? Everyone in unison: Deeply! Sri Sri: No, superficially. (Everyone is baffled.) Thanking needs a separation. Thanking means there are two. If you are deeply thankful, it means you deeply feel the ...
  3. Dont be grateful!

    Guruji: How many of you are grateful here? (Everybody raises their hand.) If you are grateful, you don't belong to Me! (Everyone is shocked.) You are not part of the Master. When someone gives you something, you are grateful. That means you feel sepa ...
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