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  1. The Nature of Space is Knowledge

    In a cell phone, you send a message. How does it go and reach another cell phone? So far away and exactly the same words get printed there. From the time you press the button here to send, till it reaches there, how did it travel? In the space! The space ...
  2. Three types of space

    Today I want to tell you about three type of space. One is the external space, in which all the four elements are there. The second type of space is the inner space where thoughts and emotions come from. When you close your eyes – that is inner space. And ...
  3. Your Nature is Shiva

    Peace is your nature, yet you remain restless. Freedom is your nature, yet you remain in bondage. Happiness is your nature, yet you become miserable for some reason or another. Contentment is your nature, yet you continue to reel in desires. Benevolence i ...
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