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  1. Dear Gurudev, even though I read knowledge, do my spiritual practices and service, still my mind sometimes gets stuck on worldly objects like smart phones, clothes, etc. Please bless me to get rid of all this.

    It is okay. It takes time. If you are a little bit sticky, you need a little more heat to be stirred. You know, when we make the halwa (India pudding), the sweet first sticks, but as you keep stirring it on the fire, then it doesn’t stick anymore. ...
  2. Gurudev, I feel I am stuck. I am unable to spread The Art of Living knowledge. What should I do?

    You don’t need to do that what you cannot do. Nobody expects you to do anything which you cannot do. But whatever you can do, you must do. This is because when we do service, it does good to other people, and that brings us immense satisfaction too.

    Oka ...

  3. You are Fire

    We need to remember that we are fire. However, some ash gets accumulated over the mind. Once you blow the ash away then the fire will rise up and shine brightly. If there are too many worries in your mind, then just say ‘Hmm’ (with slight force), and all ...
  4. Dear Gurudev, if every formless is Shiva and every form is Shakti, then what is breath, which is both form and formless?

    Yes, the formless is Shiva and the form is Shakti. You can define it in any manner.

    Prana (life force energy obtained from breath) is also known as Mukhyaprana.
    Hanuman is connected with prana, air (Vayu Tattva) is con ...

  5. Gurudev, you say that we are here to serve other people, then what are other people here for?

    Certainly not to create trouble for you.
    Other people are here to teach you some lesson. Everyone teaches you some lesson or other; learn from everybody. The world is filled with teachers, you only have to be a good student.

    There is an ancient p ...

  6. Gurudev, you have often said that knowledge should be used like soap. But if it needs to be washed off then how can it be symbolic of our true nature. So does it mean that knowledge is not our true nature?

    There are two types of knowledge.
    One is the knowledge of the Self which is our true nature. And the other kind of knowledge is that which is used like soap.
    Do you know why it is said to use knowledge as a soap? So that you do not become arrogan ...
  7. From many stories I understand you are omnipresent and all knowing. This sometimes makes me feel a little fearful that you know all about the mistakes I make. What is your attitude towards the mistakes? Are you angry when you see me making these mistakes over and over again?

    Not at all.
    Do you know that devotees are more powerful than the Guru himself? Do you know this? It is so. You must have heard of my Guru stories, but I have many devotee stories. I will share one with you. In the last week of November, I was touring i ...
  8. How does one achieve and maintain inner strength?

    By waking up to this knowledge.
    It should not be that just once a year you come, listen to some knowledge and go away. Make it part of your daily routine, so that it is maintained.
    Also, humility is important. Sometimes, people get so numb to kno ...
  9. Gurudev, please tell us how Vedic knowledge can benefit the whole world.

    It is obvious that it is benefiting – Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Ayurveda, all this is Vedic knowledge.
    Veda itself means knowledge; ancient and new. There is some value in the ancient knowledge and there is some value ...
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