Aug 8,2011-QA 3

I was wondering if God is the universe and that is why there is God in all of us, why all this drama, why all these motions?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Listen, do you watch movies? Yes. Now suppose you talk to a director and tell the director, why do you want a villain in your movie? Why you want all these thrills? You should have just made everything very smooth. What would he say? A boy was there and a girl was there, they met each other and they got married. They got children and that’s it, movie ends. There is no thrill, the girl did not get lost or there is no drama, no tears and no anger and none of those big issues. Will anybody watch that movie? Even a love story will not be watched, isn’t it! So is your question answered? Opposite values are complementary. When nature creates, the whole thing is a drama. Everybody in this world plays their role and then they all disappear; only to come back again. It appears very long if it is boring; if it is interesting it appears very short. So we all go and come back again. It’s like going behind the stage and coming back again. Just because some people are not on the stage that does not mean they are not there at all. They are just behind the stage, behind the curtain. So it depends on the director when he wants whom to be in the front and whom to be in the back. And how to come back, which scene, which act; got it! So see life from this bigger perspective, and then it gives you a different meaning. But if you are just thinking about me and he and him and in our relationship why this should happen like this and that… God doesn’t see it that way. God sees it from the director’s point of view. Not from the spectator’s point of view.