Aug 9, 2011 - QA8

I know I am searching for something but I don’t know what am I searching for?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I have a simple suggestion for you. Just take out two hours for four days and attend one of the Art of Living Basic programs and do Sudarshan Kriya. Once you do Sudarshan Kriya you will see that there is a deeper spirit within you. You will be able to experience it and it is a fantastic experience. How many of you have already done Sudarshan Kriya raise your hands? Am I correct? How many of you agree with me, it’s a great experience? How many of you think others should definitely have this experience? (Many raise their hands). So everyone should experience this, it’s such a beautiful experience of your spirit. And if you know this you can handle your mind so well. So take that time off, two hours, four days and there are very good highly qualified teachers here. They will take you through that inner journey and you would not get this experience in you life. Am I correct? Okay! Wonderful!

Continue spreading peace, love and joy and I am with you. And I invite all of you to come to India whenever it’s convenient to you. I am sure in the month of February where you would like to have more sun here. So you are most welcome to come to India in February, March, January; and we all belong to each other.