Following are the experience of people who have attended the Ayurvedic recipe course:

First of all many thanks to you for coming up with such a wonderful and useful ayurvedic cooking course. For quite some time I was looking for this kind of  course. I gained from this course very useful tips of cooking, various supports for oil , milk curd & healthy way of cooking by steaming the vegetables. I am sure I am going to put this knowledge into practice by including these formulas in my cooking, eating & lifestyle related things. I will bring awareness to more & more people towards this concept of cooking.

Alka Bhutani Dhar,Noida

I was a patient of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and backache. After doing sudarshan kriya my life has changed and after doing the Ayurvedic cooking course my health has improved very much within six days . We were taught how to adopt methods of cooking while staying in harmony with our constitution - vata,pitta,kapha

Gautam Khurana – Amritsar, Punjab

It is a unique and a wonderful experience. I have heard and experienced Ayurvedic medicine but not even dreamed Ayurvedic food . It is really tempting, refreshing, healthy and full of nutritious values. In all the six days we enjoyed cooking Ayurvedic food in a very lively and lovely atmosphere . We not only learnt how to cook but even at which time which kind of food we have to take.

Sneh – Hosiarpur, Punjab

I came to attend this course as a substitute for my wife. But it gave me a full explanation about the use of fresh and raw vegetables and fruits. The timing of eating and how much to eat. Cooking to me was a complex process involving different spices with different oils and keeping an eye on the clock for pressure cooking. I found that eating fresh or steamed cooking is nourishing & definitely faster than our everyday cooking. I got the true flavor of ingredients. Definitely this course is not only to know cooking but very useful in knowing – why we should eat food and its importance in leading a healthy and glowing life.

Prem Kumar –alandhar, Punjab

The Ayurvedic cooking course is a very exciting experience for me as I never cooked before.The methods of making good food are easy that even I can make them without any previous knowledge of cooking. We understand a lot about our eating and food cooking habits. This course is a good mixture of theoretical and practical approach. We all attended a counseling session in which we came to know our tridosha type and learnt how to change habits for a better future. This course is a new dimension for my life.

Umesh Jain – Jalandhar, Punjab