Why Students At Elite Colleges Are Turning To Meditation

“The practice makes it easier for them to connect with people,” Annalies Richmond, director of training for the Art of Living Foundation, told HuffPost. “It expands their capacity as a leader and makes them realize how big their potential is or how powerful they are. Somehow, one can feel very transformed in those five days.”

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Responding to terror

The horrendous attacks in Paris have sent shivers down the spine everywhere in the world. This is a direct assault not only on the European way of life but on values that are common to all liberal societies. India has also suffered greatly due to terrorism over many years as have Pakistan and the Middle […]

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Unknown Lessons from the Mahatma

Gandhi Jayanti is an occasion to reflect on what we can learn from Gandhiji. Everyone’s life teaches us both what to do and what not to do. The ideals that Gandhiji set are an inspiration for generations – a sense of sacrifice, acceptance for everyone, an unbroken faith in satsang and dedication to the higher […]

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Fanaticism: Rational or Irrational

Life is unfathomable but people attempt to fathom it through diverse perspectives. Owing to its broad social, cultural and economic spectrum, nowhere is this diversity of beliefs as pronounced as it is in India.   When everyone is granted freedom of expression by the constitution, dissent is inevitable but violence is no way to express […]

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