Introduction to Happiness Program


Sun, 04/20/2014
Manor at Wayside,
19 Rawson Circle, Wayside, New Jersey, United States, 07712
732 822 1428
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Course notes

Live with Joy, Purpose and Confidence

"Happiness is your very nature and it is in the Present Moment; it is the direction in which Life tends to flow."-Sri Sri Ravi Shanker (Founder of Art of Living)

There is a great secret in the breath. You have an in-built ability to calm the mind, heal the body, energize the whole system in minutes. The secret is in the breath.

Breath is our connection between outer world of activity and inner world of peace. Meditation can take us beyond the usual mental stress and emotional agitation to a calm centered place.

Come join us on this FREE workshop to learn some simple yet powerful breathing-techniques, experience a guided meditation, learn about different sources of energy and the tendencies of your mind – all of which will dissolve your stress and leave you with a smile!

This session is open for people with any or no experience of meditation or breathing exercises.

Workshop Contents:

+ Light yoga
+ Relaxing breathing techniques
+ Guided Meditation
+ Answering any questions about the Happiness Program