Know Your Child Workshop


Nov 23 2014
  2:00am - 4:30pm
Art of Living Metuchen Center,
212 Durham Avenue, Metuchen, New Jersey, United States, 08440

Shravan Bharathulwar

Course Fees:
Regular Fee: $35.00
Student Fee: $30.00
Senior Fee: $35.00
Repeater Fee: $35.00


An Interactive 2-Hour Workshop for Parents of Young Children (0–12 years old)! No prior Art of Living Courses required! This workshop is exclusively for parents - so please do not plan to have your child at the workshop.

The Know Your Child workshop gives parents a glimpse into the child’s mind and enables them to find the root cause of some behaviors that parents often struggle with. Understanding the nature of the child equips parents to deal with commonly occurring situations more effectively in a way that the child can blossom more completely while maintaining the joy in a parent-child relationship.

Learn simple and effective tips to help manage daily situations with children ...
* not listening/being fussy
* throwing tantrums
* constant arguments
* not sleeping on time
* not eating properly
* not studying
* being too shy
... and many many more!

Tips to help your child ...
* Be focused
* Be creative
* Be natural
* Be social
* Be independent