Sri Sri Ayurveda Cookery Course


Fri, 03/28/2014 - Mon, 03/31/2014
Fri (6:30-9:30pm) Mon (6:30-9:30pm)
Sat (10am-4pm) Sun (10am-4pm)
The Garg Residence,
786 Cascade Drive, San Jose, California, United States, 95120

Jyoti Jain


Jyoti Jain

Regular Fee: $295.00
Student Fee: $275.00
Senior Fee: $275.00
Repeater Fee: $275.00
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Course notes

Welcome to the Art of Wholesome Eating (AWE) also known as the Sri Sri Ayurveda Cookery Course. Make Every Meal A Celebration!

This course teaches you the basics of the Ayurveda system of healthcare and how to apply them to cooking. Learn to create balanced meals for your individual needs. Learn to use spices and herbs for healthy digestion and elimination of toxins. This course will help you see the relationship between the foods we eat and the state of our mind and much more! The course will be held over six two and half hour sessions. Attendance to all four sessions is compulsory. Each session will contain approximately equal time spent on theory and cooking demonstrations. There will also be a half hour question and answer session. The cooking demonstrations covered in four sessions will be on: Breakfasts, Soups, Vegetables, Salads, Proteins and Sweets and Puddings. The theory sessions will include Introduction to Ayurveda, The qualities of the five elements and three Doshas, the Gunas and food, How are system becomes unbalanced, the six tastes and the last session will cover steps to good health and include improper food combinations we need to avoid.

About the teacher:

Jyoti Jain --Culinary instructor Jyoti is a certified and trained Sri Sri Ayurveda cookery teacher from the Canadian Ashram of the Art of Living Foundation. She teaches the Ayurvedic cooking courses all over the united states.

A more detailed listing of course points:
Theoretical Knowledge Component Includes:
• Introduction to the Course
• Subject: What is Ayurveda?
• Origins of Ayurveda
• Its medical standing in today's world
• A background to different body types and season
• The influence of the mind
Qualities of the five elements and the 3 doshas &
Gunas and food. How does food affect the mind?
• How our system becomes unbalanced.
• Six tastes: Balancing the 6 tastes to feel satisfied
• How the 6 tastes affect the mind
• The steps to good health
• Improper food combinations
• Sharing course experiences

Raw or cooked breakfasts
• Delicious milk substitutes
• Importance of flax seed in a vegetarian diet.

• What is a soup?
• Demonstration of a raw or a cooked soup
• Soups for different body types and seasons

• Quick and easy balanced dishes
• vegetable dish
• Using spices for balancing the 3 doshas

• Salad dressings
• Wilting greens for digestible salads
• Compound salads
• Sprouting and its importance for healthy eating

• Using proteins in the correct amounts
• Proteins and acidity
• Good sources of vegetarian proteins
• The value of seaweed
Sweets and Puddings:
Alternative Refined Sugar Free Sweets

The information provided on this course is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.
The information provided by this course is in no way considered as a substitute to your own
judgment or consultation with a licensed health care professional.