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  1. All that we do in The Art of Living, is the purpose of it to wake-up and get enlightenment, or just to feel better? Personally, I would like to wake-up.

    Here, this is like an ocean, everything is available. If you just want to take a walk on the beach, you are welcome. If you want to go deep and find oil, that too is available.
    This path is like an ocean, you can take salt, you can take oil, you can g ...
  2. Dearest Guruji, I am a yoga teacher and I work hard. I keep myself busy but I know I could do a lot more. I would like some advice.

    I need more volunteers. We have four centers here. We need a lot of volunteers to work in these centers. So, sign up as volunteers. Even if you give two days in a month, that would be very good.
    You come for two days in a month, for three to four hour ...
  3. I have a sincere desire to bring the Prison Smart Program to Miami, Florida. My degree is criminology and psychology. Our state has more money allocated to prisons, buildings and education. How can I help?

    That is good, go ahead. And when you go to meet the prison officials, don’t go alone. Go as a group of four to five and talk to them and convince them. Show them the videos and show them the experience of people who have undergone the program, and what tra ...
  4. Dear Guruji, please tell us how you discovered Sudarshan Kriya?

    It looks like I have no escape!
    Just like that, I sat and suddenly it happened like a poem. Have you written a poem? How many of you have written some poem at sometime? How do you write a poem? You just sit and it just flows, isn’t it?

    I was ...
  5. I can understand the truth of your knowledge. I can enjoy pooja, bhajans and all the Indian customs as well around you. But, when I am together with my friends, it is very difficult to speak about all this; especially, listening to a Master. In our country, we learn to follow our mind and not any Masters. What can you suggest to make Art of Living more acceptable?

    Do you know, 30 years ago, when we first started The Art of Living then also it was very difficult. Teaching yoga means only someone who is out there, someone who is crazy, would do yoga. But today people like yoga.

    I want to tell you one thing. Yo ...

  6. Gurudev, how can one have peace if one has made mistakes in life? Tell us how to deal with mistakes in life.

    You know in the beginning days of The Art of Living, one of my first trips was to Switzerland, and I stayed with a few people. Now, one of the ladies I stayed with had this trouble of relating to two realities.
    A group of people, all of them thought t ...
  7. There are many organizations that teach Yoga and Meditation in India, including The Art of Living. If we are all working for the same cause, which is to bring peace to mankind, then why are all these organizations so different?

    Listen, people of the same intention will always be together. Though they do it in different ways, there is no conflict since the cause is the same.

    You know, the spirit loves diversity.
    When I went to Pakistan, people asked me why do we have so m ...

  8. I do exercises, hence I am into controlled breathing. How is The Art of Living Course special? I feel exercise could give me what these courses do. Can you please explain how these courses could help me.

    It can help you in so many ways and that is why it is so popular. If millions of people around the world are doing it, there must be something to it.

    I tell you, it is very profound, intense and at the same time, simple as well.
    It is not just an ...

  9. Gurudev, do you have any plans to start an Art of Living channel?

    See, starting one positive channel will not work. We need to have all the channels becoming positive.

    Are you doing media studies? I would like many of you to go in to media, and change the media.

  10. What is the significance of the last rite ceremonies?

    The last rites also have a purpose, they are very nice. A mantra is said in the ear of the corpse, because the soul is still there for some time, it has not gone. They are told, ‘Look, this body is going back to its original elements. You are not that. Yo ...
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