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  1. Gurudev, this week Art of Living is celebrating Peace and Health Week in honor of Gandhi Jayanti, could you please talk about the connection between peace and health.

    It is so obvious, if you are healthy, you are more peaceful.
    Health includes Peace. If you are not peaceful you cannot call yourself healthy. If mind is disturbed, body is disturbed.
    Sickness is not just in the body, it could be in the mind, it c ...
  2. How is ignorance of God still God? If violence, stress, ignorance, hatred, etc., are also forms of God, then why do we need to move away from them towards peace? Why do we move towards some part of God, and away from some other part of God?

    As a human being, it is natural to do so. Suppose there is a piece of bread and a bundle of hay kept before you. If you are a cow you will move towards the hay. If you are human, you will move towards the bread. It is as natural as that. But the cow is als ...
  3. Since we are ‘Om’ (the primordial sound of Creation), does ‘Om’ refer to the sound vibration, or the principle that ‘Om’ represents, or the effect of ‘Om’ after the vibration ceases? In other words, since ‘Om’ creates peace; so it is that peace that we are, or are we the creation (result) of that peace?

    All that is said, and all that is unsaid, is all ‘Om’. All that is clear and all that is confused (unclear) is also ‘Om’. Is it clear now, or is it still confusing? It is still all ‘Om’ (laughter).

    Anything that you say or you don’t say is all ‘ ...

  4. Gurudev, when I want to excel in a field, I am subjected to a lot of stress, like at work. I have continuous stress that I can’t escape because of which I don’t sleep well. How to get peace?

    Do you know what stress is? Too much to do, too little time, and no energy, that is called stress.
    So, either you increase your energy, or reduce your work load. You obviously can’t reduce your work load, or increase the time, but you ca ...
  5. Sri Sri, did you dream of growing up to become a humanitarian?

    I wish I never grew up (laughs), and I still feel that I am a teenager who refuses to grow up.
    When I was a teenager, I could not accept conflicts. I always wanted to bring peace. Whenever people fought with each other, I would want to intervene and d ...
  6. The recent demonstrations in Brazil has impacted all aspects of life here. How does one deal with it?

    When people do not get justice, or when they are tired of corruption in the society, it’s natural that they get agitated. People gather to demonstrate, they agitate. It’s a good sign that the people are waking up.
    One way is to take everything as it c ...
  7. Dear Gurudev, how do we defend our civil and democratic rights without using violence? How to create a sense of belongingness in the society where the government is reinforcing polarization and using a divide and rule policy?

    A great cause has many obstacles and many challenges. When the challenges are bigger that is when we have to hold on to our values. I know that it is difficult to be peaceful when there is injustice, and especially when there is violence. We have to take t ...
  8. What is peace and how can we implement the principles of peace in our life through our religion, culture and family and in our education system starting from kindergarten?

    We need to learn a lot from children. We need to make them understand that they should make one new friend every day.
    If you ask forty fifty kids in a classroom how many friends they have, they can usually count them on their fingers, and they stay wi ...
  9. Gurudev, I have been told that a human soul can often take one to two million years to find liberation. Is it true that by doing Kriya and meditation every day, this liberation can be obtained even in one lifetime?

    Everything works with some strange karma. You must lift your eyes and look into this realm.

    There is a beautiful couplet that says, ‘This world has all the wealth, all that is needed, but one who has no karma, cannot get it.’
    So, whe ...

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