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  1. I get jealous when I see other people doing the Art of Living course. How do I overcome this?

    You introduce people to Art of Living. When they do it and when they thank you, then you feel like doing more.
    If people come and thank you, ‘it’s so good of you that you introduced me to this course. My whole life has changed.’ How would you feel? W ...
  2. Is female life a punishment?

    No, who said that? Male cannot exist without Female. Every male has come from female.
    It is both ways, female cannot exist without male. That is why this Prakriti and Purusharth are two integral aspects of creation. How can you say one is sin or not ...
  3. How to deal with people who always give negative vibrations? Should we avoid them?

    Don’t think somebody will only always be negative. In everyone there is some goodness. You see how you can help kindle that goodness. ...
  4. Gurudev, sometimes when I feel that I have overcome a bad habit, a bad thought, a bad feeling or a bad mental state and when I acknowledge the same and think, ‘yes I achieved this’, immediately some kind of challenge comes in front of me. What is this?

    Stop connecting your thought, ‘I have achieved this’ with not achieving it. Sometimes you think, ‘I want to do this’ and it does not happen.
    Many times your determination becomes weak. Someone else’s sankalpa wins over.
    So it is best not to analy ...
  5. Dear Guruji, I cannot let go. What to do?

    Just hold on!
    Breathe in and hold on! See how long you can hold on for. There is no choice!
    Can you stop your age? No! You can’t say, ’I’ll become 49 after next year.’ You cannot say that.
    ‘Though I’m turning 49 this year, I’ll hold on until ...
  6. Dear Guruji, my father died recently. My mother is alone, frail, disoriented with no goal in life. What can I do to help her?

    Knowledge will help!
    Speak with her about Knowledge. Sit with her and read some of the knowledge.
    Read the Scriptures, some stories or Yoga Vasistha.
    More than that, just you being around itself is uplifting. Time is a great healer. In fact, ...
  7. Gurudev, is there a right way to follow in the path of knowledge? What do we do about the thoughts and impressions that nag our mind about people who are important in our lives?

    Don’t worry about the past, however the past has been. In the present believe in your innocence. You are innocent in the present moment. The mistakes in the past are due to your ignorance. But the fact in the present moment is you are innocent. ...
  8. Dear Guruji, I feel that I have made many mistakes in the past three years and I need to suffer the consequences and I am afraid. Is there anything I can do to alleviate these consequences?

    You being on the right path now itself is reducing the consequences. And your acceptance about the consequence itself is a relief. It puts you back on a higher pedestal. ...
  9. Dear Guruji, I’ve worked hard for three years but my supervisor killed my career without thinking. Now I am jobless and have lost my vision of life. How to deal with negative emotions about my boss?

    Listen, no point in sitting and brooding over the past. Wake up! With full energy, move forward.
    If you have lost one job, so what?! A million other jobs are there in the world. You can take another one. Never mind if you get paid a little bit less in ...
  10. Gurudev, one of my friends slapped me in front of six people. How should I react and what should I do with him?

    It is already done!
    Action is spontaneous at that moment. What did you do when your friend slapped you? Did you smile and did you look right into the eyes of the person? That is a bigger slap.
    But if you felt upset or if you slapped him in return ...
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