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  1. Dearest Guruji, how to come out from past memories that disturb my mind and soul? Sometimes it hurts a lot.

    When you give events too much importance that is what happens. Know that all events are like bubbles on the surface of water. Pleasant events, unpleasant events are like waves, they come and they are gone and you are pure, untouched by them. You must reme ...
  2. Gurudev, if the ultimate aim of Seva, Sadhna and Satsang is to be in the present moment, then why sometimes we have to suffer in the present and remind ourselves that this suffering is making us stronger? What are we getting prepared for?

    Pain and pleasure exists on the planet.
    The first experience of your coming into the world was painful. You were happily floating in your mother’s womb and suddenly all the liquid was gone and you had to pass through a narrow passage. It was difficult ...
  3. Gurudev, all spiritual paths say that, ‘you are not alone and there is a higher power taking care of you.’ But what about those people who suffer in Africa. Why are they left alone to die from hunger?

    This is a big question, why is there suffering in the world. There are three types of suffering:
    1. Suffering through natural calamities
    2. Suffering through one’s own ignorance or one’s own laziness. This is man-made
    3. Suffering due to k ...
  4. Gurudev, yesterday you spoke about three kinds of sufferings among which are man-made sufferings and karmic sufferings. But there are some that really confuse me, for instance child-labour and bonded-labour. Which category will we place them in- man-made or karmic?

    It can be a mix of both, some of it may be their karma and some may be our own doing.
    That is why I say, 'Gahana karmano gatih.' The consequences of karma are so complex that it is impossible even for the most intelligent persons to analyze it. In eve ...
  5. Gurudev, please explain the reason for suffering?

    Okay, suppose I tell you, you should eat five masala dosa tonight, what will happen to you? Suppose you are force fed five masala dosa or 20 pooris, what will happen to you?
    First of all, you will suffer. Tonight you cannot sleep, right? It will creat ...
  6. Gurudev, why do some people have to suffer throughout their life? Some people are born in slum areas and keep suffering, whereas some are born in good homes and lead a comfortable, happy life? I want to know. I see others, as well as myself, suffering.

    Are you suffering? Tell me if it is your suffering or others’ suffering.
    Ans - I am suffering too.
    You too? But you are smiling! Looking at your face, it doesn’t seem that you are in great suffering!
    Only this is needed! When you are doing s ...
  7. Gurudev, God is the operator of this creation and God is our Father. Then why does misery, poverty and ignorance exist?

    Someone asked a saint this same question, ‘Why does sorrow exist in this world?’ The saint said, ‘God has kept it for me. Why? Because in spite of there being sorrow I am unable to renounce this world, how would I renounce it if there was no sorrow? And if ...
  8. Gurudev, after all these years, I am still struggling, why? Love you Guruji!

    You love me and then you are struggling. Struggling for what?
    You are struggling for money, then don’t sit and day dream, do hard work. If one business does not work, choose another b ...
  9. I am finding it very difficult to make ends meet and have been struggling since fifteen years. The astrologer recommends that I should perform some poojas to change my fortune. Kindly advice.

    Oh, so your expenses are more than your income.
    Take a sankalpa that you will get prosperity that is enough. Doing pooja is a good thing; some pooja is good, but too much pooja is not required. You should meditate; go for satsang, Rud ...
  10. It is said that getting a human birth is fortune. However, some people live very comfortable lives while others live miserably. Why this discrimination?

    Those who are happy must share with those who are unhappy. Those who are unhappy must have an attitude of sacrifice and work on developing inner strength.
    Knowledge gives you inner strength. Inner strength brings forbearance in life and gives one the ...
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