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  1. How to deal with rude behavior

    What do you do when someone behaves very rudely to you? Get upset React rudely back Get frustrated Run-away from and avoid the person or the situation Blame the person Preach to the person None of these will in any way strengthen you. Then what are the op ...
  2. Gurudev, my family uses a lot of bad words in their speech. How important is refinement in speech? Does it have any good or bad effect, or is it just to sound cultured?

    Well, you have realized it and you don’t use it. If your parents are using bad words, what to do? You can’t change them overnight.
    So, you stop using it and see that your children don’t listen to those sorts of words.
    As the sattva in a person incr ...
  3. Many times, someone says something unpleasant to me, but at that time I do not know what to reply back. Later on, I keep on thinking about it again and again for a long time. I think, maybe I should have said this.

    That is where the knowledge helps.
    I know it goes on eating your head for a long time. That is when you should say, ‘Everything is nothing. All this will disappear. All these people are nothing, and they are all going to disappear ...

  4. Gurudev, if someone is continuously speaking badly, then what should one do?

    If someone is doing something continuously, then that is their nature.
    Can you say that every day the dog is barking? It is a dog only who can bark! You can’t expect a dog to say, 'Meow'. Same way, you should understand that this is the ...

  5. Gurudev, I am in silence so I can’t speak but I wish to scream at some people on this course. They are so rude and think only about themselves. Shouldn’t spiritual people be more considerate?

    Yes, you are right. I keep them here so that they cause less problems in the world. Just imagine even after having come to the spiritual field if they are rude, how would they have been in their previous incarnation without the spiritual knowledge.
    Y ...

  6. Dear Gurudev, how to act passionately after being trained to be dispassionate?

    You cannot create passion, when you love something it simply comes to you. You cannot ask me how do I love something, there is no way, no method.
    Sometimes repetition might create an attachment but I wouldn’t say it is love. I have seen people ...

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