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  1. Gurudev, How can I get purer? Even though I am doing Sadhana, Satsang and Seva, I do not feel very pure. When I see people who are arrogant, rude and proud, especially Art of Living people, I feel very sad. How do I get rid of this?

    You are saying two things. One you are saying that others are arrogant, others are not okay; and the other thing you are saying is you are not okay. This is just mirroring; you are mirroring in both sides.
    I would say if you feel that you are impure, ...
  2. Gurudev, I read and hear a lot of knowledge, but almost immediately forget what I heard. What do I do?

    Don’t worry; I will keep talking to you. So even if you forget a hundred times, never mind, I have enough patience. I keep telling the same things.
    Those who are talking to you are also in the same boat. Many people here, they say, but they too live f ...
  3. Gurudev, when I feel intense love or devotion I lose my awareness. When I am aware I lose the intensity of devotion. How do I retain both, intensity and awareness?

    I think you have too much free time to think and see what is happening. Just get busy, do Karma Yoga (the path of action). When you are engaged in seva, you don’t sit and think ‘Oh, how am I feeling? How am I not feeling?’ Feelings are all part of ...
  4. Gurudev, you have often said that knowledge should be used like soap. But if it needs to be washed off then how can it be symbolic of our true nature. So does it mean that knowledge is not our true nature?

    There are two types of knowledge.
    One is the knowledge of the Self which is our true nature. And the other kind of knowledge is that which is used like soap.
    Do you know why it is said to use knowledge as a soap? So that you do not become arrogan ...
  5. Gurudev, if every formless is Shiva and every form is Shakti, then what is breath, which is both form and formless?

    Yes, the formless is Shiva and the form is Shakti. You can define it in any manner.

    Prana (life force energy obtained from breath) is also known as Mukhyaprana.
    Hanuman is connected with prana, air (Vayu Tattva) is con ...

  6. Gurudev, I feel I am stuck. I am unable to spread The Art of Living knowledge. What should I do?

    You don’t need to do that what you cannot do. Nobody expects you to do anything which you cannot do. But whatever you can do, you must do. This is because when we do service, it does good to other people, and that brings us immense satisfaction too.

    Oka ...

  7. Gurudev, can you please talk a little more about the sound/alphabet meditation?

    That is the meditation that we did today, where you can’t go to Ka without Aa. So, you went to the very source where the sound arose, right? What happened at that time? Stillness! The mind became totally still at that moment. Thus, we went to ...
  8. Gurudev, I learnt a lot of good principles here. How to implement this in my everyday life? To be in business I need to be a little aggressive and active. Just meditation won't do.

    Correct! There is no need for mood making. When you’re sitting here, you’re sitting like this (cross legged). When you go to your office, you don’t have to sit like this! When you are in business, you do business.
    You don’t put on your winter coat all ...
  9. Gurudev, I have been told that a human soul can often take one to two million years to find liberation. Is it true that by doing Kriya and meditation every day, this liberation can be obtained even in one lifetime?

    Everything works with some strange karma. You must lift your eyes and look into this realm.

    There is a beautiful couplet that says, ‘This world has all the wealth, all that is needed, but one who has no karma, cannot get it.’
    So, whe ...

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