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  1. Gurudev, earlier ignorance was leading me to fear, but now, sometimes, knowledge is bringing me more confusion. What should I do?

    That is good! The purpose of knowledge is to confuse you again, and again, and again. It is not to bring clarity. At every level of confusion, you jump one more step higher. So, never mind.
    When there is no confusion, it is like a ramp walk, where the ...
  2. Gurudev, life has come to a standstill before a major decision. I often wonder whether my decision will be right or wrong. How can I take the decision?

    Just look back at your life in the past. This is not the first time that your mind is confused in a dilemma. You have faced these types of questions and situations many times earlier as well; and every time you have received help to overcome it. And whenev ...
  3. Decision and confusion

    Decision comes only when there is confusion. When there is no confusion then there is no decision. For example, if there is a piece of wood and a biscuit on your desk, you don't decide which one to eat, isn't that right? Decision is always about ...
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