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  1. Compassion and Karma

    There are two types of compassion. One is the compassion of the wise, one is that of the ignorant. An ignorant person's compassion is on the fruit of an action whereas a wise person's compassion is towards the non-availability of knowledge. Comp ...
  2. What is compassion?

    Oh, if you don’t know it, you have no chance to know it.
    You already know it, you simply wanted a definition and compassion is much beyond definitions so I cannot define it. ...
  3. Why it is a challenge to be compassionate to ourselves?

    Because we are in the habit of blaming ourselves.
    On the spiritual path, the first rule is stop blaming yourself. This is a rule. If we can apply this rule then you will progress very well on the spiritual path.
    See, what is spirituality? What is ...
  4. If someone provokes us, should we keep quiet or teach them a lesson? If we keep quiet then they consider it as a weakness, and if we teach them a lesson, they say that we have not grown spiritually.

    To teach someone a lesson, you should be calm. If you have anger, if you are disturbed, you cannot teach someone a lesson.
    At the same time, you cannot keep turning the other cheek all the time.
    Teach the lesson, but with compassion. This will gi ...
  5. Please speak about compassion.

    In life there are three things which are essential:
    1. Passion
    2. Dispassion, and
    3. Compassion

    Passion is like breathing in, and Dispassion is like breathing out. No one can say, ‘I want to only ...

  6. Gurudev, you have mentioned 16 qualities in Lord Krishna. Do I also have all these 16 qualities somewhere in me? If yes, how do I bring them out?

    Yes, everybody has all these 16 qualities, and the more centred you are, the more passionate and compassionate you are, the more they will manifest. ...
  7. Gurudev, receiving unconditional love from you has become such a habit that whenever I get into a relationship, I look for the same love in the other person, and none of the relationships work out for me. What do I do?

    Actually, I am not qualified to speak about the secret of relationships! However, I will tell you this, you may pour all your love on somebody, but you should also see how much love they can take.
    When water is falling with a lot of force ...
  8. Gurudev, yesterday you said that the divine takes care of everyone, then why is there poverty, why there are floods?

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Imagine a situation when there are no problems in the world.
    You go to see a movie and in that movie there are no problems and no tension. A man gets up, eats, goes to work, comes home and goes to sleep, and does the same thing e ...
  9. Gurudev, someone I love has hurt me. I am finding it difficult to forgive them. What should I do?

    What are the options in front of you?
    One is, you don’t forgive them. If it is so difficult to forgive, then don’t forgive. My concern is, are you happy and peaceful? Can you be happy, content and peaceful without forgiving? No! Then just let go! ...
  10. Gurudev, after the Asaram Bapu incident (referring to a recent scandal wherein a spiritual leader was accused of inappropriate conduct with a female devotee), my friends have started questioning my faith in the Art of Living. What can I say to them to convince them that the Art of Living is different?

    What can one say? Just tell them not to be paranoid. Tell them that sometimes accidents do take place on the street. But just because accidents happen, you do not stop walking on the street, isn’t it? If you do that, then that is called mental imbalance or ...
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