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  1. Gurudev, why did God give us the five sense objects when all the wise people ask us to control them?

    So that you can express something even better than that.
    You know, cotton candies are given to babies, but when they grow a little older, nobody goes for those toffees or candies. They go in for some higher joy, some higher experiences.
    See, our ...
  2. Gurudev, how to gain victory over our ten senses (here referring to the five Karmendriyas or sense organs of action and expression viz. the mouth, the hands, the feet, the excretory and genital organs; and the five Jnanendriyas or the five sense organs of cognition viz. the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin)?

    Firstly, keep yourself busy. If you keep yourself idle then your senses will overpower you. Keep yourself busy, that is important.
    Have a big goal in life, then you will not have this problem.

    Secondly, you must have patience and be careful ab ...

  3. Sakha-- Your Reliable Sense

    There are three things: the Self, the senses, and the object, or the world. And there are three words: sukha, pleasure; dukha, sorrow; and sakha, companion. These have one thing in common: "kha," which means "senses." The Self through ...
  4. Fire

    The senses are like fire. Your life is also like fire. In the fire of senses, whatever you put in burns. If you burn tires, it creates pollution and bad smell. But if you burn sandalwood, it creates fragrance. Celebration happens around the bonfire. Grief ...
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