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  1. What is the meaning and significance of superstitions and how much importance to attach and practice in our lives?

    Once you say superstition it is finished. There is no need to analyze that.
    You don’t go and analyze a garbage can. Anything we consider garbage we go and put it in the garbage. So what! ...
  2. Gurudev, for psychosomatic diseases which meditation is good?

    Sudarshan Kriya and Pancha Kosha or Sahaj Samadhi meditation is good.

    You are holding that question for so long. ‘Somehow, I have to ask this question.’
    Asking questions also becomes a compulsion. Unless you say it out you feel restless.
  3. Thanks Guruji, finally my turn came.

    Oh! You have been waiting, holding the question. But did you hear my other answers or not?
    (Answer: Partially!)
    Partially! That is what happens when you are stuck with a question. What if I don’t know the answer to your question? Are you ready to ...
  4. Gurudev, I tell so many people to do the course, but my husband does not want to do it. What should I do?

    Make your husband's friend do the course and make him bring your husband to the course. You don't throw a stone at a mango. You hit the branch and the mango will fall. Use indirect tactics! ...
  5. Gurudev, when are you going to come to my city?

    Oh, don’t ask me when I will come. I have everything in abundance, except time. I want to go to many places but time is very short. I have not gone to many places in a long time. I have not visited Africa in a long time. I have not been to England in the l ...
  6. When people ask you a question at satsang, do you answer the question for that particular person or for all in general?

    You are getting your answers, right?
    Whatever answer I gave you, you got your answer, and it has also given some answer to others who are in a similar situation. ...
  7. What question do you wish people would ask more often?

    ‘Should I even ask this question to Guruji?’ That would be a good question to ask. ...
  8. Do you know which member in the audience is asking the question that is being read aloud?

    As long as you take the answer, it is good. Don’t think that answer is for someone else. That question is yours and the answer is just for you. ...
  9. In Ashtavakra Gita you spoke about why Mahatma Gandhi has such a violent death. Could you please speak about why Jesus has to die on the cross?

    Well, I do not think we need to delve into it. Why? What happened and when?
    There is only one cause for the universe, and for all happenings and that is the Param Karana Karanaya – the cause of all causes – the Shiva Tatva, the Div ...
  10. Gurudev, you are antaryami, you know everything. Please answer the question in which is my mind.

    I will give its answer there itself, in your mind.
    If there was only one question in your mind it would be different, but there are so many, it is like a chain of questions in your mind.
    Just be calm and relax. You will see that you will get all ...
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