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  1. Gurudev, what is the significance of the wedding ceremony? If two people love and respect each other, can they just make a decision to live together?

    Marriage ceremony is a commitment. You live together with a commitment. When there is a commitment, you have full trust in each other. One aspect of your life is set. That is what is marriage.
    Otherwise, the mind keeps looking for a partner. In marria ...
  2. Gurudev, in life those people who don’t get along well are hitched together while those who get along really well are not paired together. Is this the plan of the Divine? Is he doing this on purpose?

    You mean about your marriage?
    You know, when you don’t get along, you forget all those days when you got along very well. Because those days, you didn’t get along, you feel, 'Oh, from the very beginning, we never got along.'

    An American couple who ...

  3. Gurudev, I want to be honest with my parents about my sexuality. Yet my fear of losing their love and support has been stopping me from being honest with them. Do I need to be compassionate and not burden my parents? Please guide me to a solution.

    You don’t have to label yourself as gay or a lesbian. You don’t need to put on a label. These are tendencies which come and go.
    You should label yourself as Divine light. This label is much better than putting a label about your sexuality becaus ...
  4. Gurudev, After a couple of failed relationships, how do I overcome the desire to be in another relationship. I feel guilty when I wish I had a partner, because in the past I have failed.

    Okay, there are two things that you can do.
    1. If you feel that it (relationship) is not for you then move on, move alone like a lion.
    2. If you feel that you really need it, then try again till you succeed. Keep trying all your life, till you go ...
  5. Gurudev, you said that love cannot be limited. Is marriage the end of love?

    (Laughter) Well, I don’t know that. I have never been married. If you are asking in the sense that marriage is the end of love, then that is not how it should be. But if marriage begins with love for each other, it is okay. Even if it blossoms duri ...
  6. Gurudev, please guide on how to bring spouses who oppose the path onto the path.

    That is a big test.
    Do you know why your spouse opposes your path? Let us analyze this! Let's think about this.
    1. Maybe your spouse is very attached to you and wants all your attention, and when your attention is elsewhere, they don’t l ...

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