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  1. How to handle my negative emotions?

    Sudarshan Kriya is the best way to handle negative emotions. Ujjayi breathing, pranayama, meditation, all this works. Isn’t it working?! ...
  2. Parmahansa Yoganadaji initiated people into something called Kriya Yoga. I always wanted to know if Sudarshan Kriya is different from Kriya Yoga and how?

    Yes, Kriya Yoga is meditating on different chakras. Similar to what we do in ‘Hari Om’ meditation. But Sudarshan Kriya is completely different. In Sudarshan Kriya, the breath, rhythm of the soul, rhythm of the mind and rhythm of the spirit, all this is inv ...
  3. Gurudev, when we do Sudarshan Kriya are we increasing or decreasing our lifespan?

    This is the specialty of Kriya. By just breathing in different rhythms for some time, we can experience that peaceful state of Samadhi.
    That is why when you learn the Kriya, you should learn it from a teacher because they know the precise timing of th ...
  4. Gurudev, I am a Muslim, can I also learn Sudarshan Kriya? Will I have to leave anything for that?

    No, there is no need to leave anything at all.
    I just returned from Pakistan and thousands of people have done the course in Pakistan and are practicing Sudarshan Kriya. They have even established a center there. Around one lakh people have received t ...
  5. Even after chanting the name of God, the mind is not contented and happy. What to do?

    That is why we have the Art of Living Course. When you will do Sudarshan Kriya then in the very first sitting itself you will experience so much of contentment and the mind becomes so peaceful. Just experience ...
  6. Gurudev, is egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

    Sitting in the satsang and discussing eggs, I do not think that is appropriate.
    Drop eggs, talk about the universe (Bramhaand). Here we discuss the body and the universe, not eggs. You can look up in Google on what are the benefits and disadvan ...
  7. Why do we turn to the right side and not to the left side at the end of Kriya? I have asked this before, nobody gives an answer.

    Oh, they are wise! They expect you to come for the Teacher’s Training Course (TTC), and Teacher’s Refresher Meet, that is where we discuss these things.
    Those are the real secrets! ...
  8. Dear Guruji, please tell us how you discovered Sudarshan Kriya?

    It looks like I have no escape!
    Just like that, I sat and suddenly it happened like a poem. Have you written a poem? How many of you have written some poem at sometime? How do you write a poem? You just sit and it just flows, isn’t it?

    I was ...
  9. Dear Gurudev, you said there are different types of prana, could you please talk a little bit more about that?

    There are ten types of Prana (the subtle life force energy). Of these, there are five major and five minor kinds of Prana. Today let me just talk about the five major types of Prana.

    The first major type of Prana is called Prana

  10. Dear Gurudev, can we practice and follow other paths along with Sudarshan Kriya, like the Kriya Yoga of Parmahansa Yogananda?

    Just do one thing, it will be good enough.
    When you do too many things, it becomes a big confusion. I have seen people who go and do too many things and their energy goes totally haywire. It is not necessary.
    If you have been doing it in the pas ...
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