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  1. Gurudev, you said in Sanskrit, the word for water and love is the same. In this context, is there some significance of offering water to the Shiva linga.

    Yes, it is a symbol.
    In ancient times people would take water in both hands, gaze at the Sun and offer the water. Sun gazing is very good, because our eyes are photosensitive. So Sun gazing can get the Sun’s energy in the body.
    Sun gazing is kno ...
  2. Gurudev, What is the importance of Mundan Sanskar (referring to the Indian tradition of Shaving a babies’ head after a year of birth)? Please tell us something about it.

    Our ancestors have told that we have to shave off the first hair of a child. Then the new hair will come. It is the same as how the first teeth fall on their own and only then do new teeth come. But the hair has to be removed first time; it does not fall o ...
  3. Gurudev, what is the significance of offering ghee in the flames of yajnas?

    Ghee is basically oil, clarified butter! The final product of milk. I have not heard anybody offering oil in the yajnas. (Laughter)

    There are different kinds of engines. Some require petrol, some require diesel. Similarly I think the yajnas tune in only ...

  4. Gurudev, there are some prayer rituals that we perform at home to nullify any bad things that are to happen. My question is, will the Divine do bad to us if we do not perform these poojas?

    No, there is nothing like that. The Divine is not going to do anything bad to you, or get angry at you. The purpose of pooja is to keep a good atmosphere, to bring in good energy to your home and to purify your mind and your heart.
    If you sit w ...

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