War, Israel and Palestine (2004)

Sowing Seeds of Peace

Israel and Palestine (2004)

The long-drawn conflict between Israel and Palestine on the one hand and war with Lebanon on the other has taken a very high mental and emotional toll on the people of the region. Despite the danger, Art of Living volunteers have been actively working in Israel and Palestine to relieve people of the trauma left by the conflicts.

Following Sri Sri’s visit in 2003, Art of Living teachers from various parts of the world continue to conduct workshops and trauma care programs in the affected areas including the Gaza strip, West Bank area, Jerusalem, Tulkarem, Haifa and Sderot.

Many people have developed post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Due to the course, many have experienced deep rest and relief and can now cope with the stressful situation in which they are placed. Special programs are also conducted for youth, children and prisoners.