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Sri Sri's Message On Guru Purnima 2015

Jul 31 2015 Quebec, Canada

There are two worlds that we live in: One is the world of memory and the other is the real world. In memory, there are three types of memory.
1. You remember but you can't do anything about it. You remember your childhood, but you can't get it back. This is one kind of memory.
2. Another kind of remembrance is, you remember and you have to make a lot of effort to get it. Suppose you have left your keys in Toronto and you come here and remember that you have forgotten your keys, then you have to drive back seven hours to get them. It is not instantaneous. You remember, but you have to make an effort to get it.
3. The third type of memory is you remember and you get it instantaneously. It is like, you are looking for your glasses, and then suddenly someone says, "Your glasses are right here, on your head".
"Oh yes, it is right here".
Here the remembrance and getting it is instantaneous. You don't have to make any effort to get it.

Our spiritual path is of the third type of memory. Knowing and getting is instantaneous, all that you have to do is feel the connection, that's it. Feeling the connection is that memory which connects us to the real world. From the world of imaginary memories that we live in, we move on to the real world.
Now, how do you feel the connection? That is where the Guru Principle comes to play, because the Guru brings that connection.

See, you are here in Canada. The moment you remember, "I am in Canada", you are already in Canada. You don't have to make any effort, it is instantaneous. In the same way, when you feel the connection, instantaneously, you move from this cloud of unreal memory, to this world of real existence, which is wow!
So when you feel the connection to the wisdom, to the knowledge, and to the Guru, then there is no worry. How can there be any worry, any concerns or any negative feelings? Impossible! Everything just disappears.

Guru Poornima is the day to feel the connection, 'I am connected. I am one with the divinity'. Here, again, celebration is instantaneous, and joy is instantaneous. You don't have to prepare to celebrate. Do you get what I am saying?

A pauper had forgotten that he was the prince. Someone came and told him, "Hey, you are the Prince". Just with that one sentence, he got the kingdom back. Instantaneously! There is no effort. If it appears to be some effort, it is to get rid of the effort, because your mind is so used to putting effort, so that run of the mind to put effort has to be calmed down. It is just a direct recognition, "I am connected", and that's it. Done!

That much is enough for today. There is a lot in this. Recollect this again and remember it.

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