07 Apr QA-3

Dear Gurudev, I have heard a little about reflections. How many reflections do we have, and what does that mean?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

When you have said a word, you have also attached a meaning to it.
Reflection is simply reflection. Whatever you see on the outside. Action is a reflection of what you are. Your thoughts, your mind, your emotions are a reflection of what you are. In some sense even your body is a reflection of what you are.

When you reflect on this truth, it becomes very clear.

We say, ‘Asangoham asangoham punah punaha’ (Unattached, unattached, am I again and again).

It means, ‘I am not this. I am not this. I am untouched and separate from all this. I am not my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and all the actions that I have done’.

Then we start becoming a witness, and distance ourselves from all that happens.