11 April 2013 - QA1

Gurudev, how does a spiritually oriented scientist survive in an ego filled discipline?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Happily! If you are a scientist, be happy. Just say, ‘Hey, come on! This is all just wave functions.’

If someone is getting annoyed, just say, ‘Hey! Wave function! The frequency has changed.’ That is all.

Someone is happy, different frequency. If there is jealously, ‘Oh, they have changed to third frequency.’ Someone is upset, or depressed, ‘Frequency has changed again.’ It is all just frequencies, that’s it.

Would anyone be upset about the changing frequencies? No. So see everybody as nothing but frequencies. Then nothing will touch you, okay!

Enjoy the variety, enjoy the diversity. It is not worth losing your smile for anything out there.

If someone has ego, so what? They need compassion. They are ignorant.

What do you have for people who are in ignorance? Compassion, isn’t it? If someone is in ego, you must think, ‘Poor chap, he thinks he is somebody. Sooner or later he is going to go under the ground. He doesn’t know this. He does not know that he is just a rag doll of a huge wave of energy.’

So have compassion for egoistical people.

See, when you want recognition from others, it is then that you recognize the ego, and this is the problem.

If somebody has ego, how does it bother you? You should walk happily. They should feel ashamed looking at you. Look at this man, he is so happy! Egoistical people should feel jealous seeing you being happy. It depends on you.

If you recognize the ego of others, it will get into you, and you will walk like a mouse. Walk like a lion, and be happy. Don’t frown, or roar like a lion, just smile and feel like a lion inside.