12 July 2012 - QA 8

Guruji, I read and hear a lot of knowledge, but almost immediately forget what I heard. What do I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Don’t worry; I will keep talking to you. So even if you forget a hundred times, never mind, I have enough patience. I keep telling the same things.

Those who are talking to you are also in the same boat. Many people here, they say, but they too live from the other side. Never mind!

Have you ever heard Ashtavakra Gita? Forgotten, right?!

Have you heard the saying in that, ’Blessed are those who have forgotten.’
So you must belong to that.

There is one talk in Ashtavakra Gita where Ashtavakra says, ’Those who can forget everything are the blessed ones.’

So you seem to fall in that category. But this at least you don’t forget that you are blessed. Just this one thing if you can remember, ‘I am blessed.’