17 July 2013 - QA 10

Why sometimes blood pressure stays above normal even after daily Sudarshan Kriya, evening meditation and Triphala (ayurvedic herb)?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Are you exercising properly? Are you doing some yoga? Are your food habits okay? Are you worried? Are you holding on to some knowledge in your mind? Or are you obsessed with some desires which you want to be fulfilled right away and have no patience?

You may do kriya but if you are obsessed with some desire that you want right away, then I tell you, your blood pressure will definitely be high. If you’re irritated with people around you, then your blood pressure will definitely be high. If you have none of this and you’re very calm and you’re in wisdom, but still the blood pressure is high, then you should definitely talk to the doctor.

Triphala is not for blood pressure. It’s not a blood pressure medicine. For blood pressure there another herb called Sarpaghanda. Only when none of this helps and your blood pressure is still not normal then Sarpaghanda will help. But talk to your doctor.

Deep meditation makes a difference. With age, with your habits and your hereditary (conditions), these things (high blood pressure) can keep happening. In spite of all that (practicing Sudarshan Kriya and meditation) your body has its own language, its own tendencies and these things (high blood pressure) can happen to you.

Suppose you stop Kriya, then see how much it rises. Do not conclude that your meditation and Kriya is ineffective in bringing your blood pressure under control. That will be a wrong conclusion. It’s like you are in the deep waters and you are throwing the life jacket away.

It’s very easy to put something else responsible for your present state and say this hasn’t worked for you. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it. Stop doing all the practices and see what happens to your blood pressure. See if it becomes normal or if it goes much higher, then report to me. Stop everything for one week and if it becomes normal it will be new a discovery for us. I would like to know. But in spite of doing all this, if it’s a little higher then look into taking something for it.