17 June 2012(2) - QA 1

Where does this resistance come from?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Some sort of insecurity, some sort of uneasiness, or memory of the past. So when you notice the resistance, take a determination to move through it.
See, the worst thing is when you don’t notice and recognize the resistance. Once you have noticed and recognized it, you will definitely move through it.

Don’t think you are not intelligent. You have enough intelligence.

You need a little push and that is why I keep moving around. You need a support group. Like many people know that alcoholism is bad but many people fall into it, and so they have this AA group, where people give them that little support that is needed.

So, we have Sudarshan Kriya groups all over. Why this group is there is because alone if you feel lazy to do the exercises, you can do it with a group, and it helps.

Same with exercise; why are there gyms? At home everyone can exercise, why go to a gym? This is because at home you feel so lazy to do it, but when you go to a gym there are several people you can exercise with. And if there is a trainer, it becomes easier because the trainer encourages you and that helps you to move into it.

There is an ancient proverb in Sanskrit that says, ‘When you have to bear the cross you do it alone but when you want to learn and practice, do it with others’ – Ekas Tapasvi Dwir Adhyayi.

If you have some problem or some negativity, there is no point in talking about it to Tom, Dick and Harry. Spreading your problems around results in them only labeling you, ‘Oh, this person is horrible, and negative all the time’, they don’t feel uplifted. So talking about your negativity and frustration is not going to help you, it is not going to go away. Usually people talk about the problem to everybody else except where it could be solved.

If you have an illness, you should only talk to the doctor; he can do something about it. There is no point describing your illness over the phone for half an hour to your friend, because they can’t do anything for you. Only the phone company benefits from this.

I tell you, if people in the world stop talking about their illness to their friends, the income of phone companies will reduce by at least 40%. It is not necessary to talk about your problem to everybody. If you have trouble or difficulty, bear it and it will pass. And when you want to practice something, like piano or violin, it is always good to have somebody, right!

So whether it is music, or studies or gym or yoga and meditation, it is good to do it in groups.

This morning we had about 900 people doing pranayama and meditation. I asked them, ‘How many centers do we have?’ And they said, ‘We have five centers in Holland.’

Then I told them that is not enough. We need to have centers everywhere. People should gather and start doing the breathing practices and yoga exercises and that would uplift their energy. Don’t you agree with me?
How many of you would be interested in creating more of such places where people can come and become happier? Centers of happiness! (Many raise their hands)

You all should create centers of happiness where once in a week people come together, sing together, eat together, and have a feeling of togetherness and uplift each other.

So you all be leaders to create happiness in society.

I want to really bring waves of happiness in Holland. We should reach out to every village and see to that nobody commits suicide anywhere in Holland in the next one year. The success of Art of Living is measured by the dip in the sale of Prozac. We should aim at it that Prozac is out of the pharmacies of Holland because there is no one to buy them. Keep this as our vision – no one needs to go and buy Prozac. Shall we do this?

So we should move in this direction. Our aim is to bring down the sale of Prozac.