2 Nov 2012 QA - 6

Gurudev, today is Karva Chauth (an ancient festival where a woman prays for the longevity of her spouse and his overall well-being).

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, today is karva chauth. You have already seen the moon, go and eat now. Even if you don’t get to see the moon, not a problem, think that you have seen the moon from within yourself and go and have your meal.

We have all these customs in our country, like Bhai Duj (on this day, sisters pray for their brothers to have long and happy lives) and karva chauth. These festivals make our relationships stronger. From many years, this has been a unique practice in our country to bring purity in relationships.

For karva-chauth, the wife prays and fasts for the well-being of her husand. Earlier, she used to pray for her husband’s longevity, good health and welfare; nowadays, she also prays for stability of his mind.

We have to make the right use of each and every opportunity we get to pray to God. This is one such opportunity. When you fast all day the body is cleansed, the mind is cleansed, and you are able to pray. It is a good custom.

Whoever does this fast, should not do so without water. I do not believe in fasting without water. Along with fasting it is necessary to drink some water. When you drink water, all the toxins in the body get flushed out and the body becomes pure. So water during fasting is necessary.

If you have any physical illness like diabetes or something, then fast only with the consultation of a doctor.

Even husbands can observe fast for their wives. Some men have already started observing karva chauth. Please continue, it is not a problem, it should be observed. This is necessary from both sides, it should not be one-sided.