23 June 2013 - QA 19

How can we make the political class of Argentina understand that the best way to build society is through peace?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

We have to spiritualize politics, socialize business and secularize religion. This is the answer. Being secular means that religious people should think about the whole globe, not just their own religion or their own community. Usually a religious head feels belongingness only to people who follow his religion. He should come out of that barrier and pray for the whole world.

Similarly, every businessman should do a little bit of social engineering, or take up some social responsibility. They must be part of it.

Politicians should first think about the country, then about their party and then about themselves. Today what is happening is that most often they first think about themselves, then about the party, and if there is anything left, about the nation. This trend has to be reversed right away.

When they care for the higher good, for a large number of people in the society, then naturally they will be spiritual, naturally they will love peace and the shortsighted vision that is creating havoc in the society around the world will disappear.

Power and money comes and goes but the goodness that we generate by our attitude, by our actions stay forever. This is what a politician should understand. They should not have a shortsighted vision but long term benefit for maximum number of people. That is what they should keep as their agenda. That is the most ideal thing.
So peace is absolutely essential. When we are peaceful we are able to come up with such ideas. When we are not peaceful, we are very disturbed and we only can bring about actions and thoughts which would bring in more disturbances and not peace. So everyone should meditate!