24 May 2012 - QA 13

When I think about other peoples’ faults, I get arrogant; and when I see my faults, my ego gets bruised. What should I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Look at your shortcomings and understand that at least someone is there to remove them. Have faith that there is someone who will remove your shortcomings. Just by having this faith things can move forward.

Look at your shortcomings and surrender them with faith, ‘These are my shortcomings, I am offering them to you.’

If you have difficulty in surrendering, then just know that there is someone who will rid me of these shortcomings. Just like when a school-going student realizes that he doesn’t know how to count numbers, but he has the faith that the teacher will teach him. When he opens the first page and he is unable to understand what is written, he still has the confidence that he will be able to understand the book because the teacher is there for him.

Without faith, the vehicle of life cannot proceed. Faith is the petrol of the vehicle of life. Even the petrol called faith has started becoming too expensive! If you don’t let it become expensive, the vehicle of life will move further and reach its destination.