25 May 2013 QA - 7

Gurudev, tell us about your trip to China and Mongolia?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, Mongolia was very good. Nearly ten thousand people came for the satsangs. People are so happy. When I was leaving, everyone at the airport, the security guards, the people who were manning the x-ray machines, they all took turns and came to take blessings. People are very moved in Mongolia.

In China, they got so scared with the crowd and the enthusiasm of our people. There were so many people wanting to come for the satsang.

In China, you need special permission for large courses. Only 50 people are allowed for a course, and 500 people for a big gathering. (Our gathering goes above the limit, into thousands. So they said no they cannot handle it and cancelled the request for larger numbers.)

In China, they are so disciplined. We must learn from them. The people have so much commitment for their country; total commitment. Their secret services are so powerful, and so strong. There are only certain hotels where foreigners can stay, and many of the waiters and waitresses in these hotels are from the secret investigative agencies.

They have such good monitoring that they can know everything about everybody. Our country should learn from them about their secret service agencies, then there will be no terrorism in this country.

They know very well how to monitor people, who are coming to meet whom, and what is happening. Of course, it is stifling to people sometimes because there is too much rigidity and no freedom to do programs, but they have good commitment.