30 August 2013 - QA 4

I am not able to do anything consistently. How can I develop this quality in me?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

This you need to realize for yourself. How do you say that you cannot do anything consistently? Why do you label yourself like that?

First you should admit that you do not truly know yourself. When you do not know yourself, you do not know how much potential you have within you.

You have no idea about how many things you can do. So you have to first simply remove this label that ‘I cannot do this consistently’. That was the past. Right now you are different. Every moment you are new and different from what you were earlier.

Our life is like a river. You cannot get into the same water twice. So life is both new and ancient at the same time. Your consciousness is older than the stones, the rivers, the mountains and everything else in the universe. In fact, it is much older. Just like the sun is so old; it is around 19 billion years old. Yet every day the rays of the sun are new and fresh. You do not ever get the same rays tomorrow.