5th January 2013 - QA 11

You said that the year 2012 was the year of transformation, but nothing has transformed. The same corruption and same crimes are happening.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Wait! What do you mean? People have stood up against corruption.
See what has happened in the last month of 2012, the entire country woke up. People are waking up. Earlier, violence against women was tolerated.

Although we have been doing women empowerment, we have been having women conferences where we have been discussing women issues, and female feticide, but today suddenly the entire country has woken up over one incident.

It is not an isolated incident. There are 20,000 such incidents. In Delhi alone there were 800 such incidents at that point. This is waking up.

Transformation is people are waking up, isn't it?

Moreover, Indian year starts in March; remember!

Do you know the meaning of the names of all the months?

The English months are not in English, they are in Sanskrit. How many of you here didn't know this? (Many raise their hands)

Do you know what December means; Das means ten and Ambar means sky, so December means the tenth sky.

November means the ninth sky.

October means the eighth month.

Sapt means seven, amber means sky, so Saptamber became September.

August is Shasht, which means sixth; so August is the sixth month.

January is the 11th month, February is the 12th month and March which means going ahead – that is when the new year begins. That is when the Sun arrives in the first point of Aries, at the end of March.

Even today, in Afghanistan, Iran and all these countries, they celebrate March 21st as the new year day because this was the ancient vedic concept.

March means new. Feb means fag end. Don’t we say, ‘Fag end’, that is February.

So all these months are Sanskrit months. If you ask any English professor what is the meaning of September, or November, they will have no idea.

I thought of this, and realized that there is such a close connection with Sanskrit and it matches to well.

Today you learned something very important - the meaning of the names of the months.

This is something beautiful about Sanskrit, no name is without a function.
Do you know that leaves are called Parna? Do you know what Parna means? That which absorbs sunlight and moisture is called parna.

Do you know, Jesus was not born on Christmas Day? How many of you didn't know this? (Many raise their hands)

You should watch the documentary about Jesus and Christmas. Only 200 years back they connected Christmas with Jesus. Otherwise it was just Winter Solstice. The festival that was being practiced around the world to honor the Sun God from the Vedic times, that was being done.

If you hear of how Jesus was born, all the description is of spring time. He was not born in the cold winter.

Also, if he was conceived in May, December would not be the month in which he would be delivered. Immaculate conception happened in the month of May and December would be only seven months. Jesus was not a premature baby, he was born after full nine months and nine days, but people did not know what date he was born on.

So, even though the people were converted into Christians, the church could not stop them from celebrating the Xmas festival. So they added, 'Okay you can think this as the birthday of Jesus Christ and let us celebrate it that way.'

So they replaced the Sun God with Jesus.