8 July 2012 - QA 9

Guruji, why at times do things appear to happen with a plan to disturb peace in oneself? And why do people behave irrationally in spite of our best efforts?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Well, do you always behave rationally? Ask yourself this question.
Do you behave irrationally? That is how everybody is. Everyone is nothing but a reflection of you, and you are nothing but a reflection of others. So if their behavior is immature they will need more time to mature. Have patience.

If they lack knowledge, give them knowledge. It is useless to sit and say, ‘Why others are like that?’

You worry about things that are happening, ‘Oh! Why is this happening? Why is this person like that?’ You should stop this. You should turn and see what you are doing because you have control on what you can do or what you are doing. You have no control on what is happening, by others or in the situation.

But we do things the other way around. You do not take notice of what you are doing, how you behaving, what your attitude is and what is happening inside you.

That which you have control on, you do not look at that but you try to control others. You try to control the situation and start blaming others, when you cannot do anything about it.

Did you get it? You have no control over the minds of others. And you try to control the minds of others. You can have a say on your own mind which you do not look at, at all. Isn’t it?

The world is unhappy because of this.

You know, if you stop trying to control what is happening and have a say on what you are doing then you become much stronger, effective, powerful, successful and happier. That is it.