9 Mar 2013 QA-4

Gurudev, how can I find my inner destination, my real passion? Or should I just stop searching?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I think that is a good idea, stop searching and just relax. Go deep within.

See, the nature of the mind is to go towards newer things. Newer things are always outside, so the mind goes on searching outside. However, when the mind starts taking an inward journey, it starts recognising even new things as ancient ones.

You have a new experience till it feels not new, but very familiar and ancient. That is why it is called Nitya Nutan, which means ever new, and yet it is also Sanatan, which means lasting beyond time immemorial.
The soul, the consciousness, is Nitya Nutan (ever new).
Every moment it is new, yet it is most ancient, like the sun.

Today the sun is very new. Fresh sun rays are coming. You are not getting old, stale or antique sunrays. Yet, is the sun new? No, the sun is ancient.

In the same way, rivers are ancient but the water in the river is absolutely fresh, and new.

The moon is ancient, yet the rays of the moon are ever fresh.

It is the same with our spirit, our self. It is nitya nutan; ever new, and yet ancient. It is an oxymoron, ever-new and yet ancient.