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  1. How To Live In The Present

    Sep 14 2015
    It is possible to grasp the reality of the present moment totally only when you see everything that has happened in the past as a dream. When you discard everything that has happened until now as a dream, only then can you understand the truth of th ...
  2. How The Awareness Of Death Brings More Life

    Jul 14 2015
    Time and life is such, it comes like a storm and swabs your mind. Let me put it this way: the negativity comes like a storm and takes over your mind and swabs you out. Hasn’t this happened to you? (Many in the audience raise their hands). It does ha ...
  3. Feel Abundant This Dhantheras

    Nov 9 2015
      "Happy Diwali to everyone! So today is Dhanteras, Diwali starts today. Dhanteras is where you feel abundance, you feel everything is there. From abundance, abundance grows. So everyone feel content and abundant. Walk with the feeling that whatever ...
  4. Sri Sri's Message on Diwali

    Nov 6 2015
    Our life is like a lamp. Just like a lamp needs oxygen to keep burning, the same is with our life. If you were to be locked up in a glass cage, then you would be able to survive only as long as there is oxygen in the cage. In the same way, if you co ...
  5. A Devotee Can Never Fail

    Oct 31 2015
    When we fail, who is the doer? When I’m successful, I say it’s God’s grace or that Gurudev did it but when I fail, then God does not seem to be around me to take the responsibility! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Look back and reflect on the many times you h ...
  6. The Divine Armor

    Oct 20 2015
    Move on in life with the confidence that you will be given everything in abundance, and that you are being protected by the Divine. There is a divine armor around you that is protecting you; you have nothing to worry about. Know this and keep walkin ...
  7. A Voice Without Words

    Oct 29 2015
    (A a group of singers from Tamil Nadu joined the satsang, and recited ancient poems in Tamil written by a renowned saint Manikkavachakar.) The group that has come here today from Tamil Nadu belongs to one of the 63 saints of Tamil Nadu. There were 6 ...
  8. A Way To Increase Your Magnanimity

    May 20 2015
    (Below is a continuation of post Changing The Other) How does one know if something is coming from one’s head or heart? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The heart is stronger than the head. Anything that comes from the heart comes with passion; anything that c ...
  9. Changing The Other

    May 20 2015
    How to change someone’s nature? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Why do you want to change someone else’s nature? If you want to change someone’s nature because what they are doing is troubling you, then it is never going to change! However, if we wish that th ...
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