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  1. The new government has put a lot of emphasis on skilled development. What can we do to enhance skills?

    Yes, skilled training is separate, and The Art of Living is also doing it. Get in touch with our SSRDP (Sri Sri Rural Development Program), we have many teachers who are training the youths on handling electronic equipment, so that if anything goes wron ...

  2. As a house wife, how can I play a role as a nation builder?

    Yes, women should stand up. Even if you are a house wife, stand up. You have equal rights, and you have great responsibilities. Never feel you are weak, you are empowered, you must do and you can do many things.
    Keep aside one hour every day for serv ...

  3. How can we promote other sports other than cricket in India? India seems to be stuck with cricket.

    Yes, so many people stand and watch only two people playing. In that sense I think soccer is most engaging game, everybody is active on the field. Though cricket increases your alertness, you have to be alert to catch the ball at any time.
    We should ...

  4. Gurudev, could you please elaborate on the eleven principles that Mahatma Gandhi gave to the nation.

    The first is Ahimsa, which is Non-violence.
    Then comes Satya, which is Truth.
    Then is Asteya, i.e., Non-stealing.
    Then Brahmacharya or Celibacy.
    Then Aparigraha, i.e., No ...
  5. Gurudev, it looks like corruption in India is doing lasting damage to society and the environment. Is it reversible? If yes, then how can expats like me living in the US help in the endeavor to reverse the damage?

    If you are interested in doing something back home in India, and want to know how to create awareness, how to use your talents to save the largest democracy on the planet, then you should definitely meet with the Art of Living (AOL) volunteers here, they ...
  6. Gurudev, Why is India the favorite destination for enlightened masters? Is there some secret in the land?

    Well, it is not that only India had masters. No!

    The word California comes from a Rishi called Kapila Rishi. He was the previous incarnation of Lord Krishna. He was born in California, and lived there for a long time. The place was called Kapila ...

  7. Gurudev, In a country like India, especially Mumbai where I live, there is so much inequality that I feel embarrassed and guilty for what I have. Yet I have the ambition to earn money and live well. How to reconcile these two things?

    Engage yourself in some service activity or another. It is good that something pricks you. That itself will motivate you to do something good for the society. And earmark 2% or 3% of what you earn, because if we use all of what we earn only on ourselves, ...
  8. Gurudev, India today has two parts, one is Rural India and the other is Urban India. How to bring a balance between these two?

    Rural India has its unique qualities that needs to be preserved, and the self-esteem of the people needs to be kept intact. Usually the self-esteem of the rural people go down and they want to emulate what the urban youth do, which is not necessary at all. ...
  9. Gurudev, How is the India that you visualize in your dreams, especially in the field of education, defense, economy and finance?

    I have the dream of a clean and beautiful society, where there is no crime.
    Small countries like Bhutan, Switzerland and Ireland have so much peace. At one point of time, India had all these.
    Lord Macaulay had said, ‘I have traveled across ...
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