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  1. Gurudev, I am a vegetarian but I found an opportunity in fish farming. However there is always a conflict in my mind regarding the spiritual consideration of fish farming and using it for food. What do I do?

    If your conscience says no, then listen to your conscience. You must follow the voice that arises within you. If this has been your occupation for many generations and you do not feel any conflict, then it is okay. But if your conscience pricks you, then y ...
  2. Respected Gurudev, what advice would you like to give to SME business promoters when it comes to the way they manage their human resources.

    Yes, make them your family. In this country we say, 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam', the whole world is our family. So even if you can’t see all seven billion people in this country as your family, at least treat the few hundred worke ...

  3. We are plagued with corruption, unhygienic conditions and unethical behavior. They are all inter-related and the problem is because there is so much acceptance of corruption and corrupt practices. How do you think we can break this vicious cycle?

    Hope that the new setup and new Government will take more stringent action. See, for corruption you need to educate people on various levels.
    1. From the level of the people.
    2. From the bureaucrats, and
    3. From the Government
    The reas ...

  4. What should be the role of an entrepreneur in taking India forward?

    Entrepreneurship should grow many fold and so plan for it. Also it is important not to forget to do your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Definitely you can be a part of the inclusive growth if you participate in CSR activities. Don't do it ju ...

  5. How can spirituality help me to be a better business person? Is spirituality different from business?

    Is business different from you? You are the link.
    If you are well and you are happy, if you are intelligent and intuitive, then you can do good business.

    Tell me, what do you need for business? You need intuition, you need innovation, and ...

  6. I am a businessman and I want to know how you exported your product to so many countries?

    The product speaks for itself. When something is so good and effective and it brings peace and joy in one’s life, then intelligent people take to it. I have not made any effort to promote something. All this just kept happening on its own.
    For ...

  7. What is Art? Where does poetry come from and what does it do?

    Oh! Anything that you appreciate becomes art.
    You see a heap of stones lying somewhere and you think it is just a heap of stones. But if it is arranged a little bit, you start appreciating it. Then it becomes an Art.
    On a piece of p ...
  8. So one can do business with the heart also, partially?

    Partially yes but not emotionally. There should be a little tinge of humanness, and emotions too in it.
    Ethics is the bridge, the combination of what your heart says and what your head thinks is right. ...
  9. At the dinner table at home, we all sit with our children and teach them good things. But when it comes to business, actions of greediness and selfishness are explained away so easily with phrases like, ‘It is only business, don’t take it personally.’ How do we explain this contradiction?

    Business is formal and family is informal, but business cannot become impersonal. The human touch, the personal touch needs to be there, but at the same time we should not do business emotionally; we must be very clear about this.
    Business should be d ...
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