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  1. Is spirit of enquiry most important or dispassion?

    When you watch television, what is important, seeing or hearing?Be natural. Don’t sit with too many concepts. Free the freedom. Don’t burden yourself with too much understanding. Too much analysis is as bad as no analysis at all
  2. Gurudev, what is the meaning of Pratikraman?

    There is a custom in Jainism called Pratikraman (Self-introspection). Every evening before going to sleep, they sit by themselves and remember everything they have done since morning. So, they recollect and ponder upon what they did an hour or two b ...
  3. When taking risk is so essential to be successful, how does one feel secure in life?

    Confidence, and you get confidence by going deep within. A few minutes of meditation will give you that confidence. Look back at your own life and see, you have had many incidences where you were anxious of how you would be able to overco ...
  4. Gurudev, after doing the Kriya, many times I find myself smiling unconsciously. When I am alone also I keep smiling. I myself don’t know that I am smiling. Everybody thinks that there is something wrong with me. What do I tell them?

    You should take a serious look at yourself if everybody thinks that there is something wrong with you. You must take a serious look. If everybody is saying that then it is not okay. You must consider their opinions. Here, I won’t say, don’t be ...
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