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  1. Gurudev, today while doing gardening seva, I sprayed natural insecticide probably killing a thousands of bugs. How does this fit in with karma and non-violence?

    Don’t worry, you can kill a mosquito, no problem! You see, violence is the act that you do with anger or some selfish goal. When animals prey for their food, it is not called violence. They are just doing their dharma. Similarly in y ...

  2. Dear Gurudev, how do we defend our civil and democratic rights without using violence? How to create a sense of belongingness in the society where the government is reinforcing polarization and using a divide and rule policy?

    A great cause has many obstacles and many challenges. When the challenges are bigger that is when we have to hold on to our values. I know that it is difficult to be peaceful when there is injustice, and especially when there is violence. We have to take t ...
  3. The recent demonstrations in Brazil has impacted all aspects of life here. How does one deal with it?

    When people do not get justice, or when they are tired of corruption in the society, it’s natural that they get agitated. People gather to demonstrate, they agitate. It’s a good sign that the people are waking up.
    One way is to take everything as it c ...
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